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Key Steps to Opening A Charter School in Wyoming

FLM has identified the steps below as the key steps toward a successful charter application in our state:

1. Form non-profit to sponsor charter application; Assign roles to volunteers


2. Obtain 501(c)(3) for nonprofit


3. Hold 2-3 Public Meetings to gauge community interest


4. Conduct outreach at farmers' markets, summer events, library; Produce website (WIX is awesome!)


5. Meet with school board members, form one-on-one relationships for discussion; Be available to answer questions they may have

6. Write charter application; Divide sections among volunteers (governance, budget, education, facilities, outreach, development)

7. Hire lawyer to ensure the school district evaluates application following Wyoming charter statute and rules


8. Apply for Start-up Grants (US DOE Charter School Program)

9. Gain approval for Charter; Incorporate School

10. Manage start-up grants; Write final reports


11. Plan and conduct transition to charter school board and director

Contact Us

FLM is pleased to offer help to other Wyoming communities as they

investigate the idea of founding a Montessori Charter School. Contact Us!

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